My back to school survival guide!

Sep 03, 2020

It's September... Can you believe it?! That means it's time to head back to school! At Be About Being Better, we work with a lot students and consistently see incredible accomplishments from those who prioritize their healthy lifestyles along the way. 

So we've gathered a few of our fundamental tips and suggestions to share with anyone looking to head back to school and make this year their BEST ONE YET! 

  1. Pick 4-5 days to get movement in and schedule it like an appointment 

  2. Bring a reusable water bottle with you to stay hydrated 

  3. Prep healthy snacks to take with you on the go 

  4. Schedule consistent times to unplug, sleep, and wake up

  5. Start your day with a full breakfast with a carb, protein, and healthy fat (Ex. avocado toast with eggs or a peanut butter smoothie) 

  6. Set aside one night a week for your own self care 

  7. Pair school reading with 10 pages a day of a book you want to read 

  8. Keep a journal for your personal thoughts and emotions (I recommend the Five Minute Journal!) 

Save or share this as a reminder that you are capable of being an A+ student while putting yourself first! 



If you want to go to a restaurant, order whatever you want, and NOT leave feeling gross, bloated & guilty about what you ate… I'm here to tell you, THAT IS POSSIBLE! The answer is here.