Let's talk about SPENDING vs. INVESTING!

Dec 30, 2021

Do you want to be healthy but are scared you'll break the bank?! 

Keep reading! 

This blog post is a bit of tough love, but the truth is, it will change your perspective and your life...  

There's a lot of people trying to sell you cheap programs, supplements, diet apps, workouts, etc. 

And sure, that sounds great on the surface, right?! 

But these cheap options add up to a lot of money over the years when they continuously DON’T WORK. 

And what about the other costs of diets or programs like Beachbody or Noom or Keto? 

  • Your mental & emotional health take a hit!
  • Your confidence & self-worth take a hit!
  • You feel like a failure when you're not successful as sustaining new habits! 

(Listen closely! Those programs ARE NOT BUILT FOR SUSTAINABILITY! It's not you, it's them.)  

When we approach our health with a "spending" mindset, just looking for the immediate gratification in the name of saving money, we hurt...

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My BEEF with NOOM!

Oct 20, 2021

Noom is marketed as your “last weight loss program.” 

But y’all, I’ve got BEEF with Noom! 

Noom says they take a “behavioral approach” to weight loss. 

You get set up with a health coach, they provide accountability, work with you on nutrition, and on the app you can log exercise, and your motivation, and a bunch of other things. Sounds great, right?! 

But let’s dive into the reality of it. 

Noom says they take a “behavioral approach” to weight loss…

 But weight loss is still the #1 goal… 

And weight loss is NOT a behavior! 

And anything that focuses on weight loss as the goal, in my opinion, is toxic. 

I mean how many times do you hear yourself saying, “Once I see that number on the scale, then I’ll be happy”, “then I’ll be confident…”, “then I’ll be living my best life…”?! 

In my opinion, if you...

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What supplement companies DON'T WANT YOU TO KNOW!

Sep 29, 2021

Ever tried a tea-tox? 

What about a juice cleanse? Weight loss vitamin or shake?! 

Has it helped you reach your goals…? 

Sustain your results…? 

I’m going to guess probably not...

And you’re NOT ALONE!

The supplement industry is worth $122 BILLION dollars (as of 2016), and it’s only going to continue growing. 

It’s important to remember the supplement industry is a BUSINESS. 

So, here’s the truth of the matter…

Because they want your money and to keep you coming back for more, they sell you FALSE HOPE that their product will be the answer to ALL of your problems, and improve your health FOREVER.

When in reality, most businesses are more concerned about profit over people. And even less concerned about a sustained result.

Additionally, supplements are NOT approved by the FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), so they are NOT regulated. Which means many supplements contain toxic chemicals not listed on...

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Why I've lost trust in medical professionals...

Sep 20, 2021

To be honest, I’ve lost trust in medical professionals…

After I got my gut health condition diagnosis I was put on a VERY restrictive diet as a healing protocol, (Low-FODMAP plus other things) and I left my doctor’s office with a list of foods I could eat, and a longer list of foods I couldn’t eat.

And that was it! 

There was NO preparation for how starting this very restrictive diet as a “healing protocol” would impact me mentally and emotionally…

NO support for how to integrate the protocol in social settings…

And NO support for how to actually make enjoyable meals and snacks with the limited amount of foods I could have…

This lack of support left me feeling defeated, isolated, and honestly MORE sick. 

So what happened? 

Well, my symptoms didn’t improve. They actually got worse, which actually led to me developing eating disorder tendencies and an actual eating disorder.

If I had support with...

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Everything you need to know about SIBO!

Sep 17, 2021

I learned the hard way that a non-stop lifestyle only leads to burnout and poorer health. 

My gut health condition has improved so much, although I'll be honest, I still have mini-flare ups sometimes. But the truth is, my healing was NOT because of any magic supplement or prescribed diet… 

I’ve healed myself by drastically changing my lifestyle and managing my stress levels.

When I was diagnosed with my gut health condition, I was a super  healthy person, but my stress levels were through the ROOF! I was working 80 hours+ per week, not taking any time for self-care, over-exercising, and just going, going, going…

And that’s what led me to develop my gut health condition, SIBO.

What is SIBO?

SIBO stands for small intestinal bacteria overgrowth, which is when we have too much gut bacteria in our small intestine. 

Normally, we don't have that much gut bacteria in our small intestine, or our stomach, because of the acidic...

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Over-Exercising... is DANGEROUS!

Sep 16, 2021

Story time...

My freshman year of college I was terrified to gain weight. Literally, I was dreading the idea of gaining the freshman 15. 

So when I got to college I started exercising like CRAZY! 

I was trying to keep up with the level I was exercising in high school, which was about 30hours/week.

You know how it is... When we go to college so much changes! There’s a lot you can’t control. You’re living somewhere new, at a new school, with new friends, in a new level in life… And I wanted to keep something the same. For me, that was my body. 

My first semester in college I was a dance major (fun fact) and I really took that to the extreme... 

I would go to the gym before my dance classes and rehearsals, workout in my dorm room between classes, walk everywhere I could, keep my sweatshirt on while I worked out to sweat more, and literally did anything I could to burn more calories.

Then it took a turn.

I ended up leaving one of my dance...

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How to kick-start your healthy lifestyle... and SUSTAIN it!

Sep 03, 2021

 Y'all, let's talk about how to sustain a healthy lifestyle... 

It’s natural for people to start ramping up their “healthy lifestyle” this time of year. But most people go from 0 to 100 when they're starting a health kick! 

Which ultimately means they're not able to sustain that lifestyle because it's too restrictive and takes a backseat to other priorities.

And then we all know what happens… We fall off the wagon.

So, let's talk about how to prevent that from happening! 

  1. SET GOALS AROUND FEELINGS AND BEHAVIORS! Start by taking a look at how you're setting goals. It's way more effective to set goals around how you're feeling in your body and what behavioral changes you're making. Versus setting goals based on how you want to "look" or how much you want to weigh.  
  2. DOUBLE DOWN ON HEALTHY HABITS! We can't do all the things, all the time. So, pick two healthy habits, get those new habits down, and then add more...
  3. GET...
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When "life" happens, DON'T neglect yourself.

Sep 02, 2021

I really thought that once I moved back to NYC my life would slow down, I’d have time to catch up on everything, and just chill… 

But I should know by now that life doesn’t work that way. 

Let’s put it this way — I’ve been in my new apartment for 1 month now and have maybe spent 5 days there.

The thing is, after being quarantined in my 200 square foot apartment for a year, like everyone else, I was itching to travel and get out…

So naturally I overbooked myself, and thus, have had serious social burnout this summer.

But I kept thinking to myself, “Just get to August. You’ll be in one place and finally settled. Then things will slow down and you can catch up.”

I'm still waiting for this to happen…

I’ve felt anything but settled with my continued travels, and having to constantly put other's needs before my own. Although it’s taking a toll on me, I have a new perspective today.

Life is...

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Resistance Training > Cardio

Aug 31, 2021

Cardio classes are tempting, I get it.

But, let’s get real about them...

If you’ve been consistently cycling or running or doing HIIT workouts... Ask yourself, "Am I getting you the results I want?!"

Cardio can feel super rewarding in the moment, but unfortunately it does NOT lead to the toning up and body recomposition most people ultimately want to see!

So, what should you do?!

We actually need to be doing RESISTANCE TRAINING (lifting weights)! 

And y’all, this will NOT make you bulky! (Trust me, people who body build do NOT get that way by accident, and neither will you.)

Here are some of the benefits of lifting weights:

Toning up
Building muscle mass (Which helps you burn calories even when you’re not working out!)
Increasing bone density (Which is SO important to decrease the risk of Osteoporosis!)
Improving sleep
Decreasing bloating and tightening up your abdominal area
Improving your mental health
Managing your blood sugar (Which is important...

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How I'd stock a dorm room mini-fridge!

Aug 25, 2021

It's back to school time, y’all! 

For those of you in college, I know it can be a struggle to avoid all the unhealthy options in the cafeteria…

So here are a few of my tips and tricks for how to stock your mini-fridge in a delicious and nutritious way!


  1. Hummus!
  2. Carrots, cherry tomatoes, and celery to dip in the hummus!
  3. Turkey, lettuce, cheese, (and repurpose that hummus yet again) to make roll-ups! Make those will lettuce or with a wrap for that healthy carbohydrate intake. 
  4. Cheese sticks! 
  5. Fresh fruit and nut butter to put on rice cakes!
  6. Nuts & Seeds! (Buy ziplock bags so you can ration them out into portion sizes and have it throughout the week.) 
  7. The ingredients for overnight oats! (Meal prep is your BFF, And this takes less than five minutes.)
  8. Canned proteins, like canned salmon or canned tuna!

And if you have a freezer and a microwave... BONUS!

Buy anything you can cook in there, like soup, frozen...

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