Did someone say vision boards?!

Jun 12, 2019

You might be asking yourself,  "How do I keep myself motivated over a long period of time?!"

The key is VISION!

You have to have a vision. What does achieving your goals look like? What does it feel like? What do you need to have, do, and accomplish to achieve them? Who do you need to talk to or meet?

There might be a lot of moving parts to your goals and dreams, so how do you keep that organized? For me, it’s a vision board!

When I make a vision board, I utilize a tip from one of my idols, Chalene Johnson, and I make a to-do list.

She has coined this as the “brain dump.”

I write down (Yes, pen to paper!) every part of what I’m trying to accomplish and EACH step that needs to be taken to get there. Even write down the small things, because chances are those details will get lost in the shuffle. But those small details can make all the difference... 

If a vision board is all about vision, you need to be able to see everything in front of you. Get it all out of your head!

Chalene suggests organizing this list further by breaking down each step or task into something that can be done in 10 minutes or less. And each day, complete at least three of them! 

Next, Create. 

This is the fun and crafty part! You don’t need to be artsy to create a vision board; you just need to have a vision and the dedication. 
What do you need to see to keep you motivated throughout the year?!

Is it an image of the outfit you’ll wear to the interview?

Is it your favorite inspirational quote?

Is it a picture of the building you hope to be working in?

Make sure to add adjectives to your board!

Will you feel proud after you achieve this goal?




Find your feeling. Translate that on the board.

Then... Start composing!

Placement is imperative!

It's important to be strategic with the placement of the images on your board.

For example, put the most important in the center because your eyes will naturally go there first...

What you put in the center, what your eyes naturally gravitate towards, should illicit an instant gut check and reaction from you. Looking at this will remind you why you’re working so hard to achieve your goals. Despite all the sacrifices, long or draining days, stress and setbacks, your vision board has to be powerful enough to remind you why you are doing this and why those hard days or setbacks are worth it. 

And while the placement of the images on the board is important, where you keep your vision board is equally as important! 

Remember, you want to see it every day, so it needs to be in your line of vision. This is because you want to do something every day to achieve your goal (either directly or indirectly).

Keep in mind that goals change over time and that is okay.

Sometimes when you are on a path to achieve something, another dream takes its place. It's important to revisit your goals, make adjustments, and be flexible with yourself. Utilizing the “brain dump” method to get all of the steps out in front of you is always a way to realign your thought process, to-do list, and over-arching goals and dreams.

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