Over-Exercising... is DANGEROUS!

Sep 16, 2021

Story time...

My freshman year of college I was terrified to gain weight. Literally, I was dreading the idea of gaining the freshman 15. 

So when I got to college I started exercising like CRAZY! 

I was trying to keep up with the level I was exercising in high school, which was about 30hours/week.

You know how it is... When we go to college so much changes! There’s a lot you can’t control. You’re living somewhere new, at a new school, with new friends, in a new level in life… And I wanted to keep something the same. For me, that was my body. 

My first semester in college I was a dance major (fun fact) and I really took that to the extreme... 

I would go to the gym before my dance classes and rehearsals, workout in my dorm room between classes, walk everywhere I could, keep my sweatshirt on while I worked out to sweat more, and literally did anything I could to burn more calories.

Then it took a turn.

I ended up leaving one of my dance classes with horrible chest pain, could barely make it to my dorm, and had to call an ambulance for myself. And at the hospital they don't take chest pain lightly, so they ran every test trying to figure out what was wrong...

It turns out I had pulled all of the muscles in between my ribs from exercising too much.

That was a HUGE wake-up call for me. What I was doing was not healthy, dangerous, really toxic, and it wasn't sustainable long-term. 

It forced me to come to terms with how our bodies change with time, and how that's not a bad thing. And instead of trying to force my body to stay the same, I've learned how to embrace the changes and optimize my health at all stages! 

I’m not overdoing it and I’m in a way better place physically and mentally than I was in college.

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