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Be More Than Busy Course

The Be More Than Busy Course is an hour long, self-paced course teaching you how to juggle a healthy lifestyle amidst all your daily to-do's! 

In this course you'll learn my secrets to being healthy and getting fit while keeping up with your busy schedule. I'll teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle with more energy, less stress, and more confidence without compromising any of your to-do's. You can be more than busy!


  • An hour long, self-paced online course

  • Trainings on how to develop and streamline your routines

  • Trainings on how to schedule and structure your day

  • Trainings on stress management

  • Trainings on how to meal prep and on-the-go snack/meal ideas

  • Training on how to make healthy choices when you’re on-the-go, at restaurants, and while you’re traveling

  • Trainings on how to make time for exercise

  • A month’s worth of at-home, quick, and effective workouts 

  • Tips on how to increase your water intake

  • Additional resources: Book recommendations, podcast recommendations, and helpful app recommendations


  • You'll learn my best strategies for being healthy whilst being super busy!

  • You’ll have less stress!

  • You’ll have more energy because you'll learn how to prioritize sleep!

  • You’ll be able to show up to work and school with greater productivity and focus!

  • You’ll start to eat healthier and cook, which will help you save money!

  • You’ll feel like you have MORE time in your day!

  • Even though you’ll be doing more, it'll feel like you’re doing less!

  • You'll have more time for friends, self-care, and hobbies!

  • You'll get the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and the benefits of having more time.

  • You'll have more energy, better skin, less bloating, and better sleep quality.

  • You'll lose weight, tone up, gain mental clarity, and more confidence!