When is the best time to workout?!

Jan 18, 2021

When is the best time to exercise?

Here’s the truth y’all… It depends!

The question you have to ask yourself is, “When do you need to learn something new or retain information?”⁣

Sng et al. conducted a study in 2018 to see when the best time to exercise is to maximize learning and improve memory 🧠⁣

Within the study, there were three different experimental groups:⁣
✔️One group walked on the treadmill before learning something new⁣.
✔️One group walked on the treadmill after learning something new⁣.
✔️One group learned something new while walking on the treadmill.⁣

Turns out, the greatest amount of learning and retention of information took place within the group that exercised PRIOR to learning something new!⁣

The data shows that if we want to retain information and learn more, it’s better to exercise BEFORE studying!⁣

Who knew?!

I knew I felt better and performed better when I worked out in the morning before class or a study session, but it’s always nice to have the science to back that up! 

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Reference: Sng E, Frith E, Loprinzi P. Temporal effects of acute walking exercise on learning and memory function. Quantitative Research. 2018;32:1518-25.



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