What ACTUALLY causes sore muscles?

Mar 01, 2021

I’ll tell you this… It’s not a build up of lactic acid. 

Lactic acid is recycled and cleared out of the muscles quickly and effectively through a process called the “Cori Cycle!” Through a series of chemical reactions, excess lactic acid that builds up in the body during exercise is converted back into glucose (AKA sugar) and used as energy for your muscles to fuel your workout! Aren’t our bodies incredible?! 

So if it’s not lactic acid that’s causing sore muscles… What is it?!

When you exercise, your muscle fibers repeatedly cross over each other with each muscle contraction; which over time, leads to the development of micro-trauma or muscle damage.

But this damage is actually GOOD! Don’t panic! 

Whenever your body experiences trauma, your body stimulates an inflammatory response and it sends fluids and nutrients to that area to initiate healing.

THIS process is what causes the muscle soreness. Your body is HEALING from the trauma of your workouts!

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