Tips for bouncing back in a healthy way after an injury!

Jun 22, 2021

To be honest y’all, it hasn’t been easy… 

I fractured my leg in January; and after being immobile for so long and gaining weight during recovery, I was itching to get my body and health back to where I “was” pre-injury. ⁣

The pressure to workout more and eat less in order to be “thin” is overwhelming! 

Diet culture tendencies are so engrained in us, and in society.⁣

⁣I’ve had to be SO intentional about coaching myself through...⁣

⁣…wanting to eat sporadically and even skip meals⁣.

….wanting to double up on workouts. 

…wanting to step on the scale. 

…all the negative self-talk in my head. 

Like I said, it hasn’t been easy. 

And I’ll be honest… There are some days I don’t have the energy to resist the pressures of diet culture, so even I, as a health coach, get sucked into it. 

⁣I even went as far as to buy another scale after not having weighed myself in 2 years...⁣

⁣Here’s what’s helped me the most to work through this: 

  1. Increasing self-awareness moment to moment! 

Increasing self-awareness helps me make decisions more consciously. Instead of skipping meals, I’ll whole foods more regularly!  

  1. Talking about it! 

Leaning on your support systems is HUGE! By sharing what we’re negotiating it provides us accountability, and doesn’t give our power away to “diet culture.” 

  1. Positive self-talk!

This is hard, I know, but it’s the most important component of all… Because healing takes time. So, give yourself time and compassion! 

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