Tips and tricks for healthier travel!

Jun 02, 2021

I'm here with some tips and tricks for healthier travel, y'all! ✈️

1. Stay extra hydrated!

By drinking as much water as possible, it will prevent you from bloating, help you decrease inflammation, and increase your energy.

2. Pack meal prep snacks!

Bring as many healthy snacks on the plane with you as possible. This will not only help you stay healthy, it'll help you save money... Because we all know traveling is expensive as it is!

3. Focus on protein and healthy fat intake!

IF you're going to buy snacks at the airport, focus on getting in more protein and fats, as compared to carbs. This will help you stay satiated.

4. Get movement in whenever possible!

Y'all, I highly recommend this. Don't take the moving walkway! Also, grab an isle seat so you can stand up during your flight.

Also, I recommend scheduling your workout for the end of the day, after your travels. This will help you decrease inflammation and reset your body.

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