The power of GRATITUDE!

Mar 19, 2021

In 2018, King & Batu conducted a cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental study that found that with a daily gratitude practice, students were more motivated, engaged, and successful in school. 

Although this study was conducted on students, I personally believe that we can extrapolate these results to various populations. 

Which is why I encourage y’all to try this out for yourself…

  1. Get a gratitude journal! 
  2. In the morning, or at night before bed, take five minutes and write down five things you’re grateful for. 

Simple as that! 

Then check in with how you feel after adopting a daily gratitude practice…

How do you show up differently? 

How has your productivity changed? 

Are you more engaged and motivated? 

Do you believe you are becoming more successful? 

Try it out and let me know how you’re feeling! 

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Reference: King, R. B., & Datu, J. (2018). Grateful students are motivated, engaged, and successful in school: Cross-sectional, longitudinal, and experimental evidence. Journal of school psychology, 70, 105–122.



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