How many times have you said “Screw it, I’ll start over again on Monday"?

Sep 22, 2020

People ask me on the regular why I never made a separate Instagram account for my health & fitness content. They always ask me why I decided to keep this account strictly personal.⁣

My response: my health IS personal! My life is not compartmentalized. I don't feel like my “healthy self” is over here and my “social self” is over there.⁣ I live a healthy lifestyle, but am still extremely social.

But I will say, it didn’t start out that way... 

A lot of my clients struggle with this when they first reach out to me for help.⁣ They believe they can’t be healthy and social; because ⁣Fri-YAY rolls around and they go to happy hour with friends, drink a whole pitcher of margaritas, and have WAY too much to eat. So they think they've already lost, and then proceed to over-indulge the whole weekend because they'll just "start over again on Monday…⁣" 

How many times have you said that to yourself?! 

My clients struggle to find balance. They’re either super on point or completely falling off the wagon and neglecting their health…⁣

The problem is, a lot of people are told to “just eat in moderation,” or “stay in an 80/20 balance,” or “just order the salad.”⁣ (And let's be real, who wants to be ordering the salad all the time?!)

An 80/20 rule sounds like a good rule of thumb, but how does that actually apply?⁣

  • What does your day of eating look like?⁣
  • How do you structure that plate?⁣
  • How do you eat well at restaurants?⁣
  • Do you always have to order the salad?⁣
  • What about when you’re on vacations?⁣
  • And how can you be healthy AND social?!?⁣

In our coaching programs we help you answer ALL of these questions!

All my clients still drink, eat pizza, eat ice cream, and enjoy all the fun foods they love! I just teach them how to choose foods with INTENTION rather than being led by emotions, cravings or social pressures! I help them find that right BALANCE with nutrition that fits their lifestyle!⁣ Trust me, it's possible. 

If this is something you need help with, TAKE THIS QUIZ to see which of my health coaching programs is right for you! 



If you want to go to a restaurant, order whatever you want, and NOT leave feeling gross, bloated & guilty about what you ate… I'm here to tell you, THAT IS POSSIBLE! The answer is here.