Resistance Training > Cardio

Aug 31, 2021

Cardio classes are tempting, I get it.

But, let’s get real about them...

If you’ve been consistently cycling or running or doing HIIT workouts... Ask yourself, "Am I getting you the results I want?!"

Cardio can feel super rewarding in the moment, but unfortunately it does NOT lead to the toning up and body recomposition most people ultimately want to see!⁣

So, what should you do?!

We actually need to be doing RESISTANCE TRAINING (lifting weights)! ⁣

And y’all, this will NOT make you bulky! (Trust me, people who body build do NOT get that way by accident, and neither will you.)

Here are some of the benefits of lifting weights:⁣

✅ Toning up⁣
✅ Building muscle mass (Which helps you burn calories even when you’re not working out!)⁣
✅ Increasing bone density (Which is SO important to decrease the risk of Osteoporosis!)⁣
✅ Improving sleep⁣
✅ Decreasing bloating and tightening up your abdominal area⁣
✅ Improving your mental health⁣
✅ Managing your blood sugar (Which is important for those with PCOS and/or Diabetes!)⁣

And I know that a lot of people have heard that cardiovascular exercise or endurance training is better for weight loss because you “use more fat as fuel,” but studies have actually shown that even though you use fat as a fuel during cardio, it DOESN’T lead to more fat loss. ⁣

The more muscle you have on your body, the more efficient your body is and the more calories you burn “at rest” or when you’re not working out.

Need I say more?! ⁣

Resistance Training > Cardio. That's all.

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