Why your diets NEVER work!


Wondering why your diets never work?

Let me explain.

The common denominator is that all diets are rooted in restriction.

And we always want what we can't have, right? 

So eventually you’ll reach breaking point, swing the other way to indulge (usually over-indulge) in the thing that you were restricting, and ultimately end up feeling like you failed. 

That's why you have to beware of diets that seem promising at first glance, but will only lead to unhealthy behaviors and a poor mindset.

For example, take Noom...

Noom is marketed as your “last weight loss program.” 

But in reality… Noom is a fad diet masked as a sustainable solution. 

So y’all, needless to say, I’ve got BEEF with Noom! 

Here’s why...

1. Weight loss is their #1 goal!

Here’s how it works. You get set up with a health coach, they provide accountability, work with you on nutrition, and on the app you can log exercise, your level of motivation, and a bunch of other things. Sounds great, right?! 

But here’s the thing…

With weight loss being the #1 goal of the program, they keep you focused on a result, not a lifestyle change.

And anything that focuses on weight loss as the main goal, in my opinion, is toxic. 

They will do anything to get you to lose weight, which usually means a restrictive diet and/or extreme exercise…

(Click here to read about the many risks of eating too little and why over-exercising can be dangerous!)

And how many times do you hear yourself saying, “Once I see that number on the scale, then I’ll be happy”, “then I’ll be confident…”, “then I’ll be living my best life…”?! 

Noom will keep you in a cycle of chasing the empty promise that seeing a number on the scale will magically make your life better.

2. Noom says they take a “behavioral approach” to weight loss. 

Y’all weight loss is NOT a behavior! 

The coaching team at Be About Being Better has coached hundreds of clients across the globe. Which is why we can say for certain that if you focus on things that are actually behaviors (eating nutrient dense food, getting 7-8 hours of sleep, drinking water), more often than not, weight loss will come as a byproduct.

And you’ll actually feel better about the weight loss, and your lifestyle, in the process! 

When you just focus on weight loss, it can take a toll on your mental health and your physical health. Let’s say you never see the number on the scale you’re hoping to see… Think about how that will perpetuate negative self-talk, disappointment, and the tendency to do harmful & extreme things for your health (like working out excessively or restricting your calories to ‘get back on the wagon’).

It’s necessary (and totally possible) to love and appreciate yourself where you are right now, while having goals to change. It will drive you to approach your healthy habits in a way that honors, nourishes, and respects your body! (Which is positive for your mindset AND physical well-being.)

3. Noom’s nutrition plan is just another diet… and unsustainable long-term!

They divide foods into three categories and tell you what you should eat less of and what you should eat more of. The problem with this is if you eat the food that they tell you not to eat, you’re going to feel like a ‘failure,’ which a lot of people associate with being a ‘bad person’. 

I believe in making all food available to people. No food is off limits. I provide clients with the skills needed to make healthy choices and choose foods with intention. I teach them how to structure a plate, how to gauge portion sizes, and how to choose foods with intention rather than being led by cravings, emotions, or social pressures. 

I will never shame you or restrict you or tell you to stop eating ‘bad foods’. 

Click here to learn how to not feel guilty eating a donut (or any food you love!)

What’s even more dangerous is when you Google “Intuitive Eating,” Noom pops up FIRST! It is NOT an intuitive eating tool, or a sustainable solution for healthy living — it’s another fad diet. 

I REPEAT! Don’t let their deceptive marketing fool you! 

Click here if you want to learn more about Intuitive Eating (IE)!

Noom is a fad diet masked as a sustainable solution. 

So, needless to say, their approach to weight loss is totally against my philosophies as a coach.

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