My secrets to meal prep & scheduling meal times!

Sep 22, 2020

If you want to be successful with nutrition, you need to be eating regularly... 

I recommend 5 meals per day! More frequent, smaller meals.

I recommend eating breakfast, lunch, and dinner with two snacks in between meals. Try a snack in the late morning and mid-afternoon. (Pro snacking tip: Pair a carb source with a healthy fat, which will give you a boost in energy while keeping you satiated over a few hours. And loop in those fruits and veggies when you can!)

You need to eat before you feel like you are starving. Be in tune with the hunger cues of your body. It is important to stick to regular meal times and to schedule them like appointments. (Even set an alarm on your phone so that you get a reminder! Especially if you're someone who loses track of time...) Skipping meals and eating irregularly leads to cravings later on, a lack of mental clarity and focus, mood swings, and will sabotage your progress towards your health goals! So it is important to maintain that consistency with your eating!

Make cooking convenient for yourself!

Meal prep, y'all... This will be a GAME CHANGER for you!


  1. Ask yourself...

    • What are the carbs that I like?
    • What protein do I have access to? (I recommend lean protein: turkey, chicken, or fish!)
    • What veggies can I meal prep? (I rely on frozen veggies mostly!) 
  2. Meal prep protein, vegetable, and carbs! Rather than storing each in bulk in the fridge, separate it out into tupperware as complete meals with proper portion sizes. (Less you have to do later and keeps you eating just enough!)
  3. Meal prep for three days at a time if you want your meals to be as fresh as possible. 
  4. When you're structuring a plate (or meal prep container):

    • 1/2 of your plate: Fruits and vegetables! 
    • 1/4 of your plate: Protein!
    • 1/4 of your plate: Healthy carbohydrates! 

If you want to learn more about how to eat like your best self and get some easy recipes, download my 7 DAY HIGH ENERGY MEAL PLAN or download my CLEAN EATING GROCERY SHOPPING LIST!



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