How to feel confident at the office when you’re NOT at your goal weight!

May 26, 2021

1. Recognize that we can have self-love AND fitness goals!

Y'all, we can simultaneously love, appreciate, and value our bodies while wanting to improve ourselves.

It's about finding peace at every stage of the journey. Valuing and celebrating your body in your current season will help you think LESS about any "destination" or number on a scale. It'll free to you think MORE about enjoying the journey and being in the present moment.⁣

2. Prioritize self-care!

If you prioritize self-care and set other goals for yourself that make you feel special, present, and confident, again, you’ll start to focus LESS on the number on the scale and MORE on how valued you feel!

You’ll start to recognize that YOU can make YOURSELF happy! And in ways that aren’t tied to weight loss.⁣..

3. Find clothes that fit and flatter YOUR body shape! 

I feel the most confident when I DON'T wear what I think I  “should” wear... I feel the most confident when I wear what makes ME feel MY best!

Investing in clothes that fit your shape and give you joy, will allow you to radiate confidence. That's what people notice... The energy you radiate, not how you look! 

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If you want to go to a restaurant, order whatever you want, and NOT leave feeling gross, bloated & guilty about what you ate… I'm here to tell you, THAT IS POSSIBLE! The answer is here.