Does alcohol make you fat?!

Feb 22, 2021

This is a COMMON MYTH!

So does it?! 

Here’s the tea...

Alcohol does have more calories per gram. It has 7 calories per gram, whereas protein or carbs is only 4 calories per gram.

But this isn’t actually why people develop a “beer gut” from excess alcohol consumption...

When we consume alcohol, there is a shift in our metabolism.

The normal process that the body uses to break down calories (think energy) is through a process called The TCA Cycle (also referred to as the Citric Acid Cycle or Kreb’s cycle). When we consume alcohol, the TCA cycle is DOWN-REGULATED and the process for fat storage is UP-REGULATED!

But don’t worry, y’all! There’s a way to make healthy choices when you’re drinking...

It’s important to remember that keeping everything in moderation will always benefit you. It'll help to prevent those negative feelings and experiences post-alcohol. 

Drink responsibly! 

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