Do you have a fear of "going out"?

Aug 02, 2021

Y’all, I get it. I struggled with this for a long time… and to be honest, I still do sometimes. 

But believe it or not, you can go out and still prioritize your health!

Here’re some of the ways that I’ve started to “take control” of my experiences…  

  1. Start by treating special events, like holidays or parties, like every other meal. 

Wake up and eat like you would any other day. Create balanced meals that will keep you full. That way you can still enjoy the foods you want to enjoy at the party, but you’ve been properly fueling yourself through the day so you don’t feel out of control. 

  1. Have an accountability partner! 

Tell someone what your goals are! (Even if they won’t be with you at the party.) Having an accountability partner that’s just a text away can give you an outlet and set you up for success. But make sure that person really knows what you’re going through and what your goals are! 

  1. Do one thing for your health! 

Sometimes the “healthiest” thing you can do for yourself is give yourself grace. Get 8 hours of sleep before you go out or drink a lot of water after you go out… Something is better than nothing. Release those feelings of guilt, y’all! 

  1. Decide what’s worth it for you! 

Don’t have a little bit of everything out of deprivation. Decide what you want the most, and double down on it! 

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If you want to go to a restaurant, order whatever you want, and NOT leave feeling gross, bloated & guilty about what you ate… I'm here to tell you, THAT IS POSSIBLE! The answer is here.