Cycle Syncing... If you're on birth control!

Jul 06, 2021

Are you on birth control?! Keep reading… 

Cycle Syncing (a term coined by Alisa Vitti) is when you change how you eat, exercise and structure your lifestyle to cater to the fluctuations of your hormone cycle!

Cycle Syncing is what we walk all our female clients through at Be About Being Better! We do this so we can alleviate painful/adverse period symptoms, optimize fertility and give our clients more ENERGY!

Unfortunately, if you’re on a hormonal birth control, it artificially changes your hormones, so you’re not going through the 4 menstrual cycle phases…  

BUT you can, and likely should, still consider Cycle Syncing! Especially if you went on a form of birth control because of adverse period symptoms like acne, heavy flow, irregular period, etc.

Here’s why… 

Adverse period symptoms are a sign of hormonal imbalance! 

And while your hormonal birth control might be “alleviating” some of those symptoms temporarily, it’s really just masking the problem… It’s not actually getting to the root cause of the hormonal imbalances, y’all! And what’s worse, when you get off of your hormonal birthday control, it’s likely that these symptoms are going to be even worse! 

My advice is… 

  1. Always consult a medical professional! (While also knowing that most people in the medical industry are “pro” hormonal birthday control.) 
  2. Still engage in Cycle Syncing! This will help with your transition, when and if you decide to go to off of birth control. The longer you go without getting to the root cause of the problems, the worse the symptoms are, and the harder they are to treat. 

If you’re looking to eventually get off of birth control and are nervous about that transition and your symptoms coming back, our coaching programs are perfect for supporting you on that journey...

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