How to turn irregular period symptoms into your SUPERPOWER!

Oct 02, 2020

Period problems? I've got you. Let’s normalize talking about PERIODS, y’all!⁣

Your menstrual cycle is considered your fifth vital sign! Medically speaking, it’s just as important as your blood pressure and heart rate. 

Here’s the good news! Our periods don’t have to be something we suffer through each month. Our symptoms and period experience can be improved through “Cycle Syncing;” a term coined by Alisa Vitti.

It’s really important to understand that your menstrual cycle is actually your superpower and you can use it to benefit you...

Every aspect of your menstrual cycle (the length, the color of blood, the volume of blood, the timing of ovulation, cramping, PMS, body temperature) is giving you important information about your health. 

FYI! Your period is not your menstrual cycle. The average cycle is around 28 days, with 4-5 days bleeding. 

Here are the phases of your cycle, so that you can start noticing patterns and rhythms and how to work with them. (Side note: If you’re on hormonal contraception, this is going to look very different for you). 

  1. SPRING! Follicular Phase: 7-10 days, right after you start bleeding. You feel more active, you have more energy, and you have a rise in concentration of hormones. This is the time to plan, brainstorm, and start new things! 
  2. SUMMER! Ovulatory Phase: 3-4 days, shortest phase of your cycle. Abundance in everything… Energy, confidence, patience, stamina, and motivation! Your body can handle hormone disruptors (stress, alcohol, caffeine) better during this cycle! 
  3. FALL! Luteal Phase: Longest phase of your cycle. PMS is common during this phase, but it’s completely avoidable. You need to rethink PMS as: “Prioritizing MySelf"! 
  4. WINTER! Menstrual Phase: Rest, reflect, take your foot off the gas… Rest is success during this time! 

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