The Be About Being Better Blueprint

All of our coaching programs are built with a focus on sustainability. At Be About Being Better we help busy people make evidence-based, small changes that compound to life changing, long-term results!


Quality education leads to a quality lifestyle. At Be About Being Better, we support you as you make evidence-based, small changes that compound to life changing, long-term results.

Constant Improvement...

While we’re happy to say that our clients can see physical changes, after investing in themselves at Be About Being Better, their worth is no longer tied to the number on a scale. Their priority is using health as leverage to feel their best, so that they can show up better in other areas of their life in order to make an impact.


At Be About Being Better we know you can’t make lasting and meaningful change single-handedly, which is why you are always surrounded by people that will cheer you on, and are committed to creating a positive, generous community.


At Be About Being Better we coach with transparency in an effort to support you, and earn your trust.

As a company, we embody what it means to "be about being better" by constantly up-leveling and improving our programs and client experiences.

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Be About Being Better Academy

The Be About Being Better Academy is a 12-week, group health coaching program centered around specific action steps, accountability, and customized plans! Everyone’s health journey is unique, which is why the Academy offers the best quality accountability, customization, and community. If you’re looking to ditch diets, heal your relationship with food and develop a sustainable healthy lifestyle, this program is for YOU!


Better Together Program

The Better Together Program is a 3 month health coaching program for people who are looking to re-establish the basics of healthy living. This program is self-paced, offers customized nutrition and exercise plans and just the right amount of accountability.


Begin Better Program

The Begin Better Program is a 12-week foundational program to cultivate the basics of living a healthy lifestyle (especially for busy people)! Each week, you'll receive a new module with a specific focus for you to prioritize. You’ll have a weekly challenge that aligns with that week’s focus, and we’ll hold you accountable, layering on the support and teachings over time. 


Be More Than Busy Course

The Be More Than Busy Course is an hour long, self-paced course teaching you how to juggle a healthy lifestyle amidst all your daily to-do's! In this course you'll learn my secrets to being healthy and getting fit while keeping up with your busy schedule. I'll teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle with more energy, less stress, and more confidence without compromising any of your to-do's. 



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Clean Eating Grocery Shopping List

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