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The ABC's of lasting health!

All of our coaching programs are built with a focus on sustainability. At Be About Being Better we don't believe in "quick fixes." We teach you how to stay on the wagon long-term!


Each client receives personalized and frequent accountability check-ins based on their goals in order to keep them progressing and find consistency.


Each client receives a personalized strategy to achieve their goals when it comes to nutrition, exercise, and routines. They receive support in scheduling these plans into their busy schedule.


Each program offers a supportive community filled with people who are committed to achieving their health goals. Our communities allow you to feel connected on your journey.

What is the Be About Being Better Academy?

A 3 month Health Coaching Program where we teach you the fundamentals of healthy living and customize the lifestyle to fit your goals and the demands of your schedule. With daily accountability, weekly coaching calls, a supportive and engaged community, in 90 days you’ll establish daily routines that energize you, feel confidence in the customized plan you’re executing will get you to your health goals, and work through a negative, self-deprecating mindset in order to tap into your best self and sustain a healthy lifestyle for good. 

Who is the BABB Academy for?

This program is for if you're looking for the shiny, special, VIP coaching option as this is the Columbia University of health coaching programs with the greatest amount of accountability and high-touch service! It's for you if you're done guessing what will get you fit and consistent with a healthy lifestyle, you're ready to find what will work! You're looking to gain energy and be on a consistent routine that is easy for you to keep up with amidst a busy schedule. You're ready for a change with your health and for the lifestyle to stick!
This program is for you if you're the girl who always upgrades to the premium pedicure option and doesn't settle for the TJ Maxx off-brand, you get the Tory Burch or Kate Spade!

What is the Begin Better Program?

The Begin Better Program is a 12-week foundational program to cultivate the basics of living a healthy lifestyle (even for the busiest of people)! 
Each week, you'll receive a new module with a specific focus for you to hone in on. You’ll have a weekly challenge that aligns with that week’s focus, and we’ll hold you accountable, layering on the support and teachings over time. Every Friday, you’ll receive an email with a few questions, asking how the weekly challenge went for you!

Who is the Begin Better Program for?

  • Someone who wants to start prioritizing their health, but doesn't know where to start. 
  • Someone who feels very overwhelmed by all the mixed information they're receiving on how to get healthy.
  • Someone who has a hard time staying consistent with a healthy lifestyle because of their demanding and/or ever-changing schedule.
  • Someone who puts themselves and their health on the back-burner in order to put their to-do’s and responsibilities first.
  • Someone who doesn’t know how to cook but wants to start, because they believe this skill would be valuable! 
  • Someone who doesn't know what to do at the gym or how to maximize their workouts to see results.
  • Someone who knows what to eat and how to exercise, but doesn't have time to do it. 
  • Someone who needs their healthy habits to be simple!

What is the Better Together Program?

A 3 or 6 month Health Coaching Program for women that are looking to establish the basics of healthy living and are looking for simplicity and community. This program is of a more self-paced style that offers customized nutrition and exercise plans as well as teaches clients how to develop the foundations for healthy living.

Who is the Better Together Program for?

This program is for you if you’ve been healthy in the past, so you generally know what you need to do to feel fit and energized, but right now you’re struggling with implementing and keeping motivation to find consistency with healthy living! You could use a little boost of motivation, some tweaking to your routines and habits, and some support to get you back on track again! You likely don't need a complete overhaul with your healthy lifestyle, just some fine tuning!
This program is also for you if you are relatively a self-starter and is self-motivated and are most of the time good at holding yourself accountable. You really just need help with kick-starting your healthy lifestyle again and need some direction to do so!

What is the Be More Than Busy Course?

The Be More Than Busy Course is an hour long, self-paced course teaching you how to juggle a healthy lifestyle amidst all your daily to-do's! 
In this course you'll learn my secrets to being healthy and getting fit while keeping up with your busy schedule. I'll teach you how to sustain a healthy lifestyle with more energy, less stress, and more confidence without compromising any of your to-do's. You can be more than busy!

Who is the Better Together Program for?

  • Someone who feels like they are too busy to keep up with a healthy lifestyle!
  • Someone who puts their health on the back burner when they get stressed and overwhelmed!
  • Someone who wants to be healthy but doesn’t have time in the day to go to the gym or cook meals!
  • Someone who plans to workout, but whose other to-do’s and commitments take precedent!
  • Someone who always grabs food on-the-go because it's convenient!
  • Someone who needs simple, easy strategies to get healthy!
  • Someone who wants to work with me but doesn't want to break the bank! 

What are the benefits of coaching with us?

GET ENERGIZED daily (so you don’t need coffee every day @ 3pm)

ESTABLISH & STREAMLINE ROUTINES to add regularity & find more time in your day

KNOW EXACTLY what you need to do at the gym + what to eat to get to your goals

FEEL AT EASE with sticking with your healthy lifestyle while being busy

BALANCE staying on the wagon in social situations, on vacations, during holidays, and during quarantine

BUILD CONFIDENCE so you finally feel comfortable, confident, and sexy in your own skin!

Our programs are right for you if you...

STRUGGLE with staying healthy in social situations, when stressed, on vacations, or during holidays!

FALL OFF THE WAGON and usually wait until Monday to start over again!

LACK ENERGY and feel sluggish!

DON'T KNOW what to do at the gym or what to eat to achieve your goals!

LACK CONFIDENCE and want to feel comfortable in your own skin!

ARE A GO-GETTER in other areas of your life but can’t seem to master a healthy lifestyle!


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