Seems great but not sure the results will last?!

We all have different bodies and different goals, which is why you need a PERSONALIZED PLAN!

At Be About Being Better, we are consistently up-leveling our programs and the plans we give our clients. ALL of our programs are developed with sustainability of results in mind!

Don't believe me?!

Take a look at what our previous clients are saying…

"Working with Abbie opened my eyes to a truth... All meaningful change springs from the willingness to invest in yourself and others. Huge thank you to Abbie for helping me get unstuck!"

Karen C.

"The academy has helped me make so many positive changes in my life. I tried countless times to get in shape and lose weight during college and after. I crash dieted, starved myself, did insane workouts and they would work for a short period of time, but eventually I would always revert back to unhealthy habits and hating my body and myself for “failing”. Abbie’s holistic approach has completely changed my mindset- I LOVE my body. I feel confident and strong, and that’s the best change I could ask for. The weight loss and muscle gain is a HUGE plus. 24/7 access to a community of people with similar goals, great advice, and motivation really keeps me going! The academy is definitely not for the faint of heart. You have to be truly ready to dive into yourself and make a change, but it is one million percent worth it."

Alex M.

"Before I joined the Be About Being Better Academy, I was in the habit of putting my health on the back burner and was in the habit of being healthy for a stretch of time, but then falling 'off the wagon' again. I knew I needed to apply for the Be About Being Better Academy to learn what works for me and to help mitigate my risk for chronic conditions my family has. Since working with Abbie I have completely committed to a new morning routine that involves waking up earlier, meditation, personal development, exercise, and balanced nutrition. I've been more consistent than I have ever been! I have regained control of my health all thanks to Abbie and the Be About Being Better Academy."

Julia D.

Jordan Q.

“If you’re wondering why I hired Abbie Stasior as my Health and Lifestyle coach, I’ll just say this: When you want to learn to play tennis, you don’t just read online and then expect to be a pro. You hire a coach to teach you and you practice with them. So why do we think we shouldn't do the same thing with our health?"

Denise M.

"Prior to joining the Be About Being Better Academy, I felt unmotivated and was out of shape. Dealing with an autoimmune disease can be psychologically tiring and hopeless at times. Abbie excelled at motivating me, and everyone in the online community, through the entire process with her positive energy. I increased my energy, and most importantly, I enjoyed it!"

Erika S.

"Let me start by saying Abbie is INCREDIBLE. Abbie's way of coaching is organized, clear and I feel like every time we sit down to talk, she sees into my soul. She continues to inspire me and push me to achieve and set higher goals for myself. I love the Be About Being Better Academy and look forward to working with Abbie and our community!"


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